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   Dangers Of EMF’S And Mobile Phone Masts And How They Can Affect Our Health Part 10


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Given this new information, authorities or individuals who grant permission for the siting of these Masts near to residential areas, would be deliberately subjecting people to energies which are known to cause disturbances in human energy fields and could, therefore, over time lead to illness and disease. This would mean anybody responsible for granting permission for these Masts to be erected near residential housing and public places, would be guilty of depriving people of their natural right to maintain, restore and enjoy good physical health.

As we are witnessing in other parts of the world, litigation cases are increasing exponentially in the war against these phone masts and it is only a matter of time before lawyers and barristers in the UK join this ‘money train’.

An article from the Daily Mail detailed the number of cancer clusters around mobile phone masts, and this cannot be a coincidence, as the authorities would like us to believe. It is difficult to imagine how the NRPB can continue to maintain that an investigative exposure level of 10000mW/cm2 (100W/m2) is safe when in 1995 the New Zealand Environment Court (as the Planning Tribunal) in the case of MacIntyre vs. BellSouth set a level of 2mW/cm2 as a precautionary approach - a level 5000 times less than that set by the NRPB! Just what are the authorities willingly subjecting people to, and just how much damage to health has been caused to date, and will continue to be caused in the future if common sense does not prevail over greed and profit? These authorities cannot be allowed to continue to use human beings as guinea pigs.
The information presented in this brief article may be something new to people, and if it is, I trust you will look into the matter further and demand the updating of the NRPB’s antiquated guidelines in accordance and in line with other more open minded countries.

Hopefully, in time, we may eventually remove this very real threat posed to our health and wellbeing from this radiation, through the ridiculous siting of Masts so close to residential and public places, and the potentially high emission levels presently allowed. This will offer our children and our grand children a better and healthier future too.
However, Microwave Radiation is not restricted to Mobile Phones, their Transmission Towers and microwave ovens. No, Cordless telephones too, emit this dangerous microwave radiation, especially the new era of Digital Cordless Telephones (DECT), whose base/charging units are constantly emitting microwave radiation into our homes and workplace, even when the phone is not in use.

This is like having a mobile phone mast installed inside your house, constantly emitting microwave radiation into your immediate environment. In this respect, this represents an even greater threat to your health and wellbeing than that posed by the occasional use of a mobile phone. People naturally spend more time using this type of phone than they do a mobile phone - not because of any perceived health risk - but simply because the telephone charges are much less expensive, so we and our children spend more time 'on air' so to speak, and as a result, we are being slowly and consistently microwaved towards ill health and the possibility of premature death. Yet nobody is warning us about the potential dangers of using Digital Cordless Telephones.

Analogue Cordless Telephones are not as safe as we are led to believe either, though they are not as potentially dangerous as their digital equivalent. However, whilst the base unit/charger on analogue cordless phones does not appear to emit detectable microwave radiation when the phone is not in use, both the handset and the base unit DO emit detectable high levels of microwave radiation when making or receiving calls.

It is interesting here to point out that microwave ovens operate at 915MHz and 2450MHz (0.915GHz - 2.45GHz), mobile phones at: GSM/analogue at 900MHz (0.9GHz) and Digital (GSM/PCN/DECT) at 1800MHz (1.8GHz), with the new G3 'next generation' mobile phones assigned to operate at 2200MHz (2.2GHz). It is not difficult to see and appreciate that the same frequencies (and higher than those) used to cook our food and boil our water are being used in this mobile phone technology. A technology that is held directly against our head (the brain is composed of 90% water), placed on our rooftops, in our gardens, by our schools etc.

What is even more alarming is that this new era of Digital Cordless Telephones (DECT) operate at a frequency range of around 1880MHz to 1900MHz (1.88GHz - 1.9GHz), slightly above the frequencies used by mobile phones, and, therefore, when used, are potentially more dangerous to our health. Especially if they are constantly emitting microwave radiation into our homes and workplace even when the phones are not in use.

Dangers Of EMF’S And Mobile Phone Masts And How They Can Affect Our Health Part 9

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