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The National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurement, in its 1995 "Draft Recommendations on EMF Exposure Guidelines," generally endorsed an ambient EMF exposure limit of 2 mG. A final report has yet to be released. In 1990, Paul Brodeur ended his New Yorker series with this conclusion: "The de-facto policy that power lines, electric blankets and video-display terminals be considered innocent until proved guilty should be rejected out of hand by sensible people everywhere. To do otherwise is to accept a situation in which millions of human beings continue to be test animals in a long-term biological experiment whose consequences remain unknown."

That is the situation we find ourselves in today. A 1998 Microwave News industry report, "Unfinished Business: EMF Research Must Continue," makes several important points that remain true today: "First, it is striking that we still know so little about who is exposed to what. [For instance,] only recently did we recognize that sewing-machine operators have higher EMF exposures than do electric utility workers. "[Second,] sources of EMFs turn up in surprising places. For example, Swedish researchers report that steel-belted radial tires can expose automobile passengers to EMFs as high as 50 mG. Thus, an office worker with a long commute might have more exposure than a utility worker, [and] a suburban kid who gets shuttled around in his parents' car might have more exposure than a child living within sight of a power line."

Contemporary EMF research Last year was a banner year for EMF research. In January, a study by Milham connected many disputed pieces of the EMF puzzle. Building on the accumulating evidence that leukemia and certain other cancers are linked with exposure to electromagnetic fields, Milham wrote that "until poles and wires were first extended into our communities, humans had never been exposed to alternating power-frequency fields. Similarly, radio, television, radar, microwaves, cell phones and other indispensable devices of our modern world all expose humans to EMFs, which are completely new to human evolutionary experience." Milham uncovered conclusive proof that the appearance of a new childhood leukemia peak in children ages 2 to 4 is the direct result of residential electrification as it took place, country by country and state by state, throughout the world. The peak was highest in states with the greatest levels of electrification and, even today, places without electrification do not show this childhood leukemia peak.

As a result of this finding, Milham and his researchers conclude that 75% of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia and 60% of all childhood leukemia may actually be preventable. They also note that "weak alternating magnetic fields have been shown to affect reaction time, slow the heart and affect the electroencephalogram in humans." In other words, the negative health effects from exposure to EMFs are not limited to children; they can and do affect all of us. As environmental physicist Neil Cherry, M.D., Ph.D., and others have pointed out, the historical rise in childhood leukemia is paralleled by the same rise in adult leukemia in all developed countries.

Then, on July 16, 2001, under pressure from a First Amendment Coalition lawsuit, the California Department of Health Services released a major report on the health effects of power frequency electric and magnetic fields. The report summarized a decade of research costing more than $7 million. It stated, "Some of the health risks associated with exposure to electric and magnetic fields such as those that radiate from power lines are added risk of miscarriage, childhood leukemia, brain cancer and greater incidence of suicide." Two other EMF studies rounded out the year. In November, researchers from Japan's National Institute for Environmental Studies presented a study showing that exposure to electromagnetic fields can interfere with melatonin, a sleep-regulating hormone that also inhibits cancerous tumor growth.

When the researchers exposed breast cancer cells to a level of electromagnetism that people are exposed to on a daily basis, they found that it decreased melatonin's ability to suppress the cancer cells' growth. And in December, scientists at the Neuro Diagnostic Research

Institute in Marbella, Spain, discovered that a mobile phone call lasting a mere two minutes can produce abnormal brain-wave patterns in children that last up to an hour. But what about all those studies purporting to show that cell phones are harmless?

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