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   DECC Confirms Talks With Dept Of Health Over Smart Meter Risks Part 1

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Officials from the UK's Department of Energy and Climate Change have confirmed “discussions” with their counterparts at the Health Department over safety concerns regarding the mass installation of smart meters.

Energy chiefs say talks will continue with the Department of Health as worries grow over research linking smart meter technology and an increased risk of cancer.

The news follows a warning that indoor electromagnetic fields and radio waves emitted by smart meters pose a growing health risk.

The risk of cancer has been linked to intense or prolonged exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and radio frequencies (RFs).

Worries persist about the potential for mobile phones to cause brain tumours.

And now researchers are warning of the risks from the cumulative effect of waves emitted by electric, gas and water smart meters, together with other devices in the home.

The Government is working with Ofgen to carry forward plans for every home in Britain should be fitted with remote-linked smart meters by 2020.

But experts say that combined with wi-fi hubs, mobile phones and other wireless devices this array of meters will turn homes into something like the inside of a microwave oven.

Smart meters record the exact levels of gas and electricity households use and remotely report the data to suppliers, doing away with meter readings and estimated bills.

The new generation of radio-linked smart meters were first introduced in the UK in September 2008, for customers in the East and West Midlands.

In December 2009, the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) announced its intention to roll-out smart meters to all UK homes by the end of 2020.

But with more than 20,000 UK homes now using smart meter technology, wireless networks are coming under increased scrutiny.

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