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   Children Under 10 Years Of Age Could Absorb Microwave Radiation Across Their Entire Brain

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Mobile phone firms cynically target children even though they may be most vulnerable to the effects of radiation, a leading scientist, Sir William Stewart, warned. Stewart chaired the world's largest investigation into mobile phone safety. The $100 billion a year mobile phone industry asserts that there is no conclusive evidence of harmful effects as a result of electromagnetic radiation.

US scientists tested mobile phone-style radiation on more than 10,000 chicken embryos. Pregnant women have been warned to be wary of using mobile phones after it was found radiation produced by the devices caused defects in the chicken embryos. The cell phone industry continues to down-play the risk and defer to more research.

Children using mobile phones absorb as much as double the amount of radiation through their heads as adults. Dr Om Ghandi, a leading scientist and professor of electrical engineering at the University of Utah found that young children under 10 years of age could absorb radiation across their entire brain. He found that more radiation is able to go past the ear and into the head since a child's ear is thinner and the telephone is closer to the head. All it takes is two millimeters difference," Dr Ghandi said.

Until proven otherwise and technology becomes safe, children including teens should not use mobile phones, at all, because they are more at risk from the radiation, and their cell growth and brain wave activity are not yet stable. There is conclusive evidence that the phones have biological effects on humans even where the radio frequency or microwave radiation is emitted at very low levels.

Mobile phones and the new wireless technology could cause a "whole generation" of today's teenagers to go senile in the prime of their lives, research suggests. Professor Leif Salford, who headed the research at Sweden's prestigious Lund University, says "the voluntary exposure of the brain to microwaves from hand-held mobile phones" is "the largest human biological experiment ever".

Professor Salford and his team have spent 15 years investigating microwave radiation. Their studies proved radiation could open the blood-brain barrier, allowing a protein called albumin to pass into the brain. Their latest work shows the process is linked to serious brain damage. Professor Salford said neurons that would normally not become "senile" until people reached their 60s may now do so when they were in their 30s. In addition, research indicates that exposure to cell phones’ radiation causes red blood cells to leak hemoglobin. Scientists exposed samples of blood to microwave radiation and found that even at lower levels than those emitted by cell phones, the blood cells leaked hemoglobin.

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