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  Cellular Base Stations On The Ground Near Cell Towers

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Cell Phone Tower Radiation

Original extra-planetary sources of microwave radiation were infinitesimally small, on the order of a billionth of a microwatt per centimeter squared (10–12uW/cm2). Human evolution took place without any appreciable exposure to microwave radiation from background sources. The human body has no evolutionary protection against microwave radiation, as it does for ultraviolet radiation from the sun (Johannson, 2000). Wireless voice and communications have introduced unprecedented levels of public exposure in the last decade.

Mantiply (1997) measured and reported common sources and levels of RF in the environment. He identified areas near cellular base stations on the ground near towers to be from 0.003 to 0.3 W/cm2. Background level ambient RF exposures in cities and suburbs in the 1990’s were generally reported to be below 0.003 W/cm2.Hamnerius (2000) reported that ambient RF power density measurements in twelve (12) large cities in Sweden were roughly ten times higher than in the United States for equivalent measurement locations by Mantiply in 1978 (when no cellular phone service existed in the US). He reported a total mean value of 26 measured sites in the study was 0.05 W/cm2 and the median value was 40 /cm2. An office location with a base station nearby at about 300 feet distance tested 150 /cm2. A train station with antennas mounted indoors tested at about 3 W/cm2.

Both indoor and outdoor ambient RF power density measurements showed high variability depending on proximity to transmitting antennas.Sage Associates reported on microwave frequency RF power density levels at outdoor locations both near and far from wireless antenna sites in the United States (Sage, 2000).Within the first 100-300 feet, power density levels have been measured at 0.01 to 3.0 W/cm2. Elevated RF power density levels from a major wireless antenna site can often be detected at 1000 feet or more. Power density levels away from wireless antenna sites measure between 0.001 /Wcm2 to 0.000001 W/cm2

Lubbock, Texas
Orlando, Florida
Morocco, Rabat
Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby
Bellevue, Washington
Oxnard, California
Savannah, Georgia
Swaziland, Mbabane
New York City New York USA
Baqal, United Arab Emirates, Baqal, UAE


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