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Cellphone And Brain Tumors Part 4


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The National Cancer Institute seems to acknowledge this possibility when it says on its website that “more research is needed to determine what effects, if any, low-level non-ionizing RF [radio frequency] energy has on the body and whether it poses a health danger.”

Similarly, the World Health Organization says that “there are gaps in knowledge that have been identified for further research to better assess health risks.” Many nations that participated in the Interphone study have released individual reports with their own findings.

One conclusion consistent with nearly every report is that there is indeed a higher risk of brain tumors for people who use a cellphone for at least 10 years and who typically hold the device on the same side of their head.

For Morgan, that finding alone is sufficient to raise a red flag.

“That means cellphones are causing brain tumors,” he said. “End of story.”
Critics of that conclusion say more time is needed to see if this is indeed the case or some odd statistical quirk. They also say the national reports still must be correlated to determine whether the findings hold up on a global basis.

Morgan challenges the validity of many of the Interphone study’s reported findings. The one he’s wariest of is an indication that in some cases radiation from cellphones may actually protect users from brain tumors.

“There are only two possibilities,” Morgan said. “One is that it’s true. The other is that the study is deeply flawed.”

Most independent researchers, he said, find it ridiculous to think that holding a radiation-emitting device to the side of your head can ward off brain cancer.
“And if it’s true,” Morgan added, “why doesn’t the cellphone industry promote that finding?” At this point, the one thing we know for sure about the potential danger of cellphones is that no one knows for sure about the potential danger of cellphones.

Morgan told me he doesn’t think the world’s 4 billion cellphones will be banned any time soon — they’re too convenient. But he thinks speakers should be removed from handsets, requiring people to listen through earplugs and thus keep the phone away from their head.

Morgan also would borrow from cigarette packs and include a warning on all cellphones that long-term use can be hazardous to your health. “Not everyone who smokes three packs a day gets lung cancer,” he said. “Not everyone who uses a cellphone will get brain cancer. But everyone who does is at higher risk.”It’s a compelling argument. And so far, no one can say with certainty that he’s wrong.

Cell Phones And Brain Tumors Part 3

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