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Cell Phone Radiation Activates Your Brain, But Does It Cause Cancer?

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Ransom Stephens

The Journal of the American Medical Association reported an National Institute of Health study of 47 healthy recruits injected with a glucose solution and then exposed for 50 min to radiation from a cell phone. The side of the head the phone was held against was switched randomly. Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scans demonstrated increased glucose metabolism on the side of the brain closest to the cell phone indicating that exposure to cell phone radiation “activates the brain,” though “Whole-brain metabolism did not differ between on and off conditions.” The results, at least in terms of any effect on brain health are inconclusive.

The key to gleaning results in scientific research frequently rests on the “control test.” The control test in this study was observation of brain response near a phone that was turned off. Clearly, the activation is related to the microwave radiation from the cell phone. But it’s well understood that cell phone microwave and radio frequency radiation can heat things up. Another useful control test would be to place a heating pad or a warm brick near the head and see if the activation differs. There is no report of such a control test being performed with a PET scan.

The real issue is whether or not cell phone radiation can cause cancer. Different types of radiation have widely varying health effects. Alpha radiation, beta decay, gamma radiation, x-rays are all known to cause cancer. The mechanism is very clear: charged particles or photons of sufficient energy shred cellular tissue by kicking electrons out of molecules. When electrons are knocked off of DNA strands, the DNA mutates. Mutating DNA programs cells to create cancer cells. The cancer cells then replicate and the result is a tumor.

Cell phone radiation does not have sufficient energy to kick electrons off of molecules and ionize them. We have to be careful here because, as Einstein discovered in 1905, the relevant energy is that for each piece (quanta or photon) of cell phone radiation – not the total energy of all the radiation. The total can heat things up, but can’t ionize.
In other words, the microwave radiation of cell phones cannot directly cause cancer. So can it cause cancer indirectly?

While cell phone radiation cannot ionize cells, it can cause molecular bonds to vibrate or rotate, depending on the strength of the bond. Macroscopically it is the same effect as a heating pad, but not microscopically. Microscopically, the radiation from the cell phone is absorbed in molecular bonds. If the radiation frequency coincides with a resonant frequency in a DNA strand then it’s not a huge jump from ionization to believe that bad things could happen. Resonant phenomena cause things to go a little crazy. If you push a child on a swing at just any old frequency, nothing happens, but if you push at the swing’s resonant frequency – which is what you naturally do – then the child gets higher and higher with each oscillation. Same for a weight on a string. Or a tuning fork and a guitar string. When they are in resonance they “sing together.”

So, could resonance phenomena be an indirect path for cell phone radiation to harm cells?

It doesn’t seem likely because of the way that cell phone technology encodes signals. None of the prevalent technologies sit at a given frequency for longer than microseconds. Both CDMA and GSM technologies constantly move from one frequency to another. It’s a clever technique introduced to mitigate interference. It also mitigates the possibility of resonant phenomena even indirectly damaging biological tissue.

If not through direct ionization or some indirect resonant phenomena, then how else could cell phone radiation cause cancer?

The only other mechanism is by direct heating which takes us back to the issue of the control test: does a cell phone have a different effect on metabolism than a heating pad? Heating tissue increases circulation which increases metabolism which "activates the brain."

Cell phone radiation emits far less heating energy than a heating pad. A heating pad control test might indicate a different pattern of brain activation than that from cell phones. Heating pad radiation is primarily infrared which is higher in frequency than cell phone radiation; it’s actually closer in frequency to the nasty stuff that can cause cancer by ionization (though still far enough away that we needn't worry about it). The frequency spectrum of heating pad radiation, however, is spread over a larger frequency band, is more random in both frequency and direction, and is less able to penetrate tissue below the skin than the microwave radiation of a cell phone signal. The health effect of heating is well known and is the very reason that the total energy emitted by cell phones regulated. The next issue, then, is whether the penetrating microwaves, however low in energy, heat tissue in a way that differs from that of common sources that are clearly safe and sometimes beneficial.

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