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    Cell phones for children: a blessing or a curse?

  of British youngsters aged five to nine own a mobile telephone, and a brand for tots is close.

Some are not pleased. In a world where everyone seems to be busy texting and talking, more oldsters believe that their small ones should join the fun. Regardless of dire alerts about the long term harm that mobile telephone use may wreak on small children's psychological and physical health, we have just passed the tipping point : over half of Brit kids aged between five and nine own a mobile telephone.

Now, in this fast expanding market, a major network is getting ready to adopt a range of kiddie-phones designed for kids as young as four, with says that its handsets are much more safe and smarter.

But can there be any sense in texting toddlers? Health worries about the impact of mobile telephone use on adults' brains may have mostly subsided but govt guiding principles still warn that youngsters's vulnerable gray matter should be protected. Professor Lawrie Challis, an emeritus professor of physics who has led the Regime's mobile-phone safety research, claims that oldsters shouldn't give kids telephones before secondary faculty. After that, they should inspire them to text instead of to make calls, as texting exposes their brains to lower levels of electric radiation. we don't have any idea if they are different in reaction to this type of radio frequency, asserts Challis, but there are reasons why they may be kids react differently to ionising radiation, radioactivity and gamma rays.

If you are exposed to too much daylight as a kid, you're much rather more likely to get skin carcinoma than if you are exposed as an adult. An annoying study by analysts at rebro School Surgery in Sweden last year pointed to the fact that kids might be 5 times more probable to get brain cancer if they use mobile telephones. On top of this comes new concern about the long term consequences of mobile telephone use on the mental well-being of kids. This month Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, a leading Australian trick cyclist, called fogeys who permit babies to use mobile telephones insane. Carr-Gregg, a Varsity of Melbourne professor of paediatrics, is frightened about the power of mobile telephones to distract and overexcite.

According to a new survey conducted by Carr-Gregg, forty p.c of youngsters with mobile telephones are sleepdeprived on college nights, as peer pressure has made it ordinary for youngsters of six and seven to remain up till the early hours texting mates. His proof, disclosed in a chain of Australian educational conventions, means that millions of youngsters are permitted mobile telephones in their bedrooms, making a generation of overtired living dead. Other new research has linked sleep deprivation in kids with hyperactivity symptoms and hormone imbalances that increase the danger of obesity and diabetes. Carr-Gregg announces that no kid should be permitted a mobile telephone till the age of twelve.  


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