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Cell Tower Radiation is Becoming More and More of a Concern to People Part 2 


Many studies have linked exposure to electromagnetic waves from cell telephone radiation and other radio frequencies to health issues. Virtually all the potential biological damage you can sustain come from the modulated signals that are on the carrier microwave, which resonate in biological frequencies of some to about a hundred cycles per second, exciting your vibrational cellular receptors to set off a wide selection of pathological replies that may cause cancer and : brain cancers Alzheimer's illness senility dementia Parkinson's illness autism headaches sleep interruptions and fatigue changed memory function, poor concentration and spatial awareness Dr. Mercola believes that over the top cell telephone use and exposure to electromagnetic waves are much more perilous than smoking cigarettes.

Because there's no safe biological cutoff for exposure to information-carrying radio waves, it is not possible to dodge exposure one hundred p.c, except perhaps if you live in an island or a mountain far from civilization. There are now already more than 175,000 cell towers in the U.S. And this number is anticipated to extend to 260,000 by 2010. However, you can significantly cut back your family's exposure by following these easy tips : Don't spend too much time on a cell telephone or cordless telephone. Dodge wireless BlueTooth headsets.

Employ a wired headset to restrict your cell telephone exposure. Try an air tube headset that conducts sound but stops any radiation from traveling up the wire to your brain. Ensure that wire is defended to stop it from acting as an antenna that would attract more radio waves at once to your brain. Find out where the WiFi routers are found in your workplace and keep away from them. Don't use anything apart from the 900 MHz land-based movable telephones as the Gigahertz telephones are steadily on and will bombard you with radio waves twenty-four / seven. Use the speakerphone instead of putting the telephone to your ear Limit the calls you make within buildings.

Use your cell telephone in open spaces whenever it's possible restrict your youngsters's cell telephone use or don't give them any cell telephones at all because their developing twitchy systems and thinner skulls are simply very exposed to electromagnetic radiation. To understand how close your place is to a cell telephone tower or antenna, simply type your location into AntennaSearch.com.

It will show you all of the towers and antennas ( existing and future ) inside 8 miles of your address.


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