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   Cell Phones and Mobile are Outsourcing Health Risks Including Cancer Part 2


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The committee of eight members, which included representatives of the Ministry of Health, Department of Biotechnology secretary and member of the Telecommunications Department, recommended that mobile phones do not meet standard levels of specific absorption rate (SAR) - a measure of the amount of radiofrequency energy absorbed by the body while using a phone - should be BANNED. He said mobile towers should not be installed near residential areas with high density, schools, playgrounds and hospitals..

Dr. RS Sharma, ICMR scientist who represented the department of health in the committee, said the findings are based on case studies presented by different experts. He added that the recommendations would be used to formulate a national policy and guidelines Electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation for telecommunications towers.
"In the case of a person using a mobile phone/cell phone, most of the heating occurs on the surface of the head, causing its temperature to rise by a fraction of a degree. Cerebral blood flow is able to dispose of this excess by increasing local blood flow and increase body temperature, "says the report. He said that non-thermal effects of cell phone use - attributed to electromagnetic effects induced within the cells of the organism - are more harmful.

"People who are chronically exposed to low-emission antenna wireless and mobile phone users have reported feeling several unspecific symptoms during and after use, ranging from burning and tingling in the head skin, fatigue and sleep disturbances, dizziness, poor concentration, ringing in the ears, the reaction time, memory loss, headaches, digestive disorders and heart palpitations, "says report.

The committee said that compared with Europeans, Indians cell phone/mobile users are at higher risk for adverse effects of radiation in the country because of the warm tropical climate, low body mass index, and low fat content. "We recommended an amendment to the Indian Telegraph Act 1885 and the rules so that only the mobile handsets that meet radiation standards should be allowed in the country," he said.

The report suggests that children, adolescents and pregnant women should avoid excessive use of cell phone/mobile phone. People in general should use hands-free technology to minimize the contact of the head with a cell phone. "People with active medical implants should keep their mobile/cell phone at least 30 cm from the implant," he adds. Said Girish Kumar,

Many children, adolescents and pregnant women are not satisfied with a mobile phone they buy dual sim mobile phones. Various models of mobile phones are to come and draw attraction. Touch screen mobile phone is becoming the most beloved cell phone. Beware of health hazards by radiation before buying and overuse, says the study report.
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Cell Phones and Mobile are Outsourcing Health Risks Including Cancer Part 1

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