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Cell Phones and Health Part 1

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Cell Phone Sensitivity

by San on November 8, 2011

While cellular mobile phones are quite important in today’s culture and occur to be employed to help spend less the life of countless people, the harmful or flip part of cellular mobile phones poses a quite key well being risk. I occasionally ask for cellular cell phone people this question: "what’s the variance amid a microwave oven jointly with a cellular phone?" They all admit which they don’t know and right away ask for me for that answer, and I say: "A microwave oven cooks your foods jointly with a cellular cell phone cooks your brain!"

That’s right! What requires place for the ear pursuing developing utilization of your cellular cell phone for additional than 30 minutes? Your ear starts to burn up or cozy up. This burning or warming is brought on by RADIATION! Yes, cellular mobile phones emit tremendous quantities of radiation which literally eats up your mind cells. http://www.flip-cell-phones.org/cell-phone-and-health

A complete large amount of people have went out and invested in cellular cell phone ear pieces sincerely contemplating they are lowering the quantity of radiation they are getting subjected to from cellular cell phone use, but unfortunately, ear pieces in reality enhance the quantity of radiation into your mind through your ear. By developing utilization of the ear piece, you’re sending the radiation straight toward brain! I’ve invariably stated that in comfort is inconvenience. This applies to cellular cell phone ear pieces.

In all actuality, cellular mobile phones experienced been not meant getting employed for that prolonged periods of your time and durations they are presently employed for with the m(asses) inside the American people (or is it steeple?). However the Ruling Elite (Illuminati) experienced a little something else in store for that American people – invasion of privacy! For individuals who didn’t know it, all cellular mobile phones are chipped (have tracers). The NSA (National safety Agency) bugs and information just about every cellular cell phone transmission and discussion around the earth through satellite. The NSA was the company chasing Will Smith’s character within film "Enemy inside the State."

Well, okay Deputy, can you possess a cellular phone? No I do not! My acreage collection cell phone is at current as well a good offer for me also it is difficult to response all inside the incoming calls that arrive in over a common basis, as well as the buzz is at current on the way near to that Deputy doesn’t return cell phone calls like he employed to. Well, it’s difficult these times and I’m just one person (and I do a great offer of pieces with my expertise and time). However, I don’t possess a cellular cell phone for two factors – (1) cellular mobile phones emit EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequencies); (2) I don’t want an extra costs to spend (even although cash is not an trouble for me).
Yes, cellular mobile phones emit damaging EMF radiation. We need safety from electromagnetic fields generally because energy lines, home wiring, radar and microwave ovens, cellular phones, computers, electrical blankets and a massive selection of other common electrical products are identified to create powerful magnetic fields.

Okay Deputy, don’t you take advantage of an individual computer which emits EMF radiation? Yes, but think me, I am a person of voluminous solutions, solutions and options and I’ve carried out my groundwork (and utilized it) greater compared to last 14 many years and I understand the best way to defend myself and navigate in these latest technological times. Yes, I devote exceptional quantities of your time earlier to some individual computer but I don’t be worried about radiation or my eye getting impaired on account of great loss of eyesight protein, supplement A and/or visual purple through the display glare. For countless of us who make our so-called residing or livelihood getting an individual computer (or cellular cell phone and/or land-line phone), avoidance is difficult. When avoidance is not possible, engineering to neutralize and equilibrium energy fields near to our bodies should be used.

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