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Cell Phone Sensitivity

By: ladyhowto4u

There are numerous mobile type communication devices, such as smart phones, iPhones, androids, blackberries, and the like. For this article, I will be grouping them all under the category of and referring to them as "cell phones."

Do you have a cell phone?
Of late, there have been lots of discussions about the dangers of cell phone usage. But how many of us really take the dangers of cell phone usage seriously?
Using a cell phone, or a smart phone is just as common today as a regular land-line telephone was back in the day. Just as that commercial says -- "Don't leave home without it." --You can just as easily replace the credit card name pertinent to this ad (American Express) with the words "cell phone."

Not only are we using cell phones more than ever, we are also becoming very dependent upon them. When leaving your house or apartment, the most common question used to be "Where are my keys," and that question is fast becoming "Where is my cell phone?"

I will talk about cell phone usage from a danger as well as a safety perspective, and let you know, hopefully something that you do not already know about the dangers of cell phone usage. Additionally, I will suggest ways you can protect yourself, family and loved ones as well!

In a nutshell!
Some of the dangers purported are that cell phones generate dangerous radiation similar to that of microwave ovens. Other studies show that cell phone usage emits carcinogenic agents that may cause dreaded deseases!

Of all these studies, the interesting point I noticed is that the authors were honest enough to state that if there were ill effects from cell phone usage,they are so miniscule right now that the effects would take many years to cause any real danger to your health.
Then the focus is opened up to include the young. What will the effect of using cell phones have on them, let's say, ten or even fiften years from now? It's interesting to note that the researchers also disclosed that they, themselves, continue to use their cell phones.

Another point I would like to make -- There is eminently more danger when the cell phone is trying to transmit from areas that are far away from the cell phone towers, or if there is some type of barrier between the cell phone and the towers where they get their signals.

So along those lines, I will also include ways you can reduce the propensity that you will suffer ill effects of cell phone usage, even if the danger is lurking somewhere in the future!

Did you know that the first cell phone was a Motorola phone produced in1973 and that the first commercial cell phone was in 1983? It seems as if the cell phones have been with us and a part of our world a lot longer, probably because of the large number or magnitude of cell phone users. In fact, the current count of cell phone users throughout the world is approximately upwards to 4.6 billion people!

Over the years, several studies have been conducted to determine the safety or conversely, the dangers of cell phone usage. Some of the possible dangers are:
• Cancer
• Brain Tumors
• Cataracts
• Alzheimers

...Just to name a few. There may be more. The point is that there have been several studies to prove or disprove that cell phone usage is dangerous to your health.
As a bit of news for you -- San Francisco, CA made headlines when they recently, a few months back, made it a law that retailers had to place a warning regarding the dangers of cell phone usage in their place of business!

Fact or Fiction?
The good news is there are also studies to show that there is no empirical proof that cell phones cause the dangers listed above. But I do want to call your attention to all the controversy surrounding cigarette smoking and how the big tobacco companies did not want to succumb to the fact that smoking cigarettes actually caused lung cancer, among other health problems.

With so much money tied up in the mobile, cell phone business, including service providers, service plans, cell phones, cell phone peripheral equipment, and other revenue associated with cell phones, it may be suspect that if there were definitive proof that cell phone usage was dangerous--it would be very questionable that this information would be publicized. And that is saying a mouth full!

What can you do?
What you do and how you react to this news will depend greatly on your individual belilef on whether or not using your cell phone is dangerous. However, I will list some options that have been discussed which you may or may not use, depending on how you take or perceive this news.
You can:
1. Reduce your cell phone usage (I know this is a tall order for some!)
2. When talking, keep your cell phone a safe distance away from your face, but close enough that you can converse.
3. Use a blue tooth. (Controversy surrounds the blue tooth since there was a study (yes--yet another study!) that shows that using a blue tooth may be just as harmful as using your regular cell phone).
4. Do not use your cell phone when in elevators (if possible), since the cell phone is emitting stronger waves in order to communicate with the nearest cell phone tower.
5. Text instead of putting the cell phone to your ear. (WARNING: Do not text while driving at any time for your safety and the safety of others!)

So which of the above do you plan to do to reduce the dangers of cell phone usage?
As for me, I plan to do all of the above, with the exception of No. 3, since I do not have a blue tooth. Plus the research seems to be "on the fence" on whether or not the use of a blue tooth is really beneficial.

That reminds me -- When I was watching a TV show recenty, I noticed the actors were holding their iPhones horizontally in front of their mouths instead of holding the iPhones to their ears. I instinctly thought that they were doing this in order to reduce the effects of the radiation from the cell phone. Until I mentioned this to one of my family members, and found out they were holding their cell phones that way because they were using their speaker phones! I guess you learn something new every day.

Should you panic now or later?
The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued warnings about cell phone usage, but not to the tune that ignites any fires to absolutely stop using your cell phone. And what are the odds of that happening any way?

My point being -- If tobacco and cigarettes are still around after all these years of the warnings of their eminent danger, I see cell phones following the same course -- continuing to be used now and many eons in the future! Hopefully a study will definitely let us know for sure just how safe or dangerous our cell phones are.

In the Meantime -- Use your cell phone safely!
So for now, please feel free to continue to use your cell phone safely, and heed the steps above to be even more safer!

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