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Cell Phones Detrimental To Human Health?

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September 28, 2011

If you use a cell phone, at some point you may possibly have wondered about how the cell phone radiation affects you. Each now and then we turn on the television or read the newspaper and learn about a new study that links cell phone radiation to brain tumor or some other disease. But not all news is poor news. There are other reports on the opposite side of the argument that that these mobile devices are perfectly secure. What’s going on here? When can these scientific experts choose? Nevertheless, until there is a clear consensus on the issue, the prudent approach is to take some precautions. There are some compelling studies that deserve attention.

Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic in 2007 discovered frequent cell phone use can impact male fertility. Their study shows that men who utilized cell phones for much more than four hours every day had poorer sperm high quality than those who use the cell phones much less typically. The identical study team published a study more recently where they discovered that the sperm samples exposed to mobile phone frequencies had higher levels of totally free radicals and lower levels of the protective antioxidants, as compared to sperm samples not exposed to the phone radiation . The exposed sperm had reduced function, motility and overall health. This demands further investigation, but there is sufficient evidence to warrant a warning to men to maintain the cell phones away from their pelvic area, specially if they’re planning to begin a family.

A recent report suggests that men and women should use the cell phone for only 24 minutes a day. This report, compiled by professor Girish Kumar from the electrical engineering department of the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, based the recommendation on the SAR limit for mobile phones of 1.6w/kg . This translates into a usage for six minutes a day factoring in a safety margin of three to four, a person then ought to not use a mobile phone for a lot more than 18 to 24 minutes a day. The report also cites studies that state cell phone radiation can impact male fertility, damage DNA, and harmful to pregnant ladies.

Swedish study led by Prof. Leif Salford found that microwave radiation from mobile phones damages brain cells, possibly leading to early development of Alzheimer’s disease. The study, performed on rats, found that the radiofrequency radiation damaged areas of the brain associated with understanding, memory and movement. There is yet to have any conclusive evidence that cell phones damage the human brain cells, but the study suggests there was great reason to believe that they could have the exact same effect on humans.

A lot more studies require to be carried out before anything conclusive can be drawn that everybody can agree on. A lot of professionals are of the opinion this is comparable to the tobacco problem, or the asbestos concern. Unlike the tobacco, nonetheless, the mobile phone is here to stay. The technologies just requirements to be improved in order to make sure consumer safety. Meanwhile, it is only wise to take precautions.

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