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Cell Phones Cause Brain Cancer

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Cell Phones cause Brain Cancer – Imagine the ramifications of clinical proof showing that cell phones cause brain cancer and how the world might respond.
Cell phones cause brain cancer say some scientists based off mounting evidence
One thing is for sure, if cell phones did indeed cause brain cancer then everyone would be using a wireless headset to avoid the electromagnetic field created by having the phone too close to your head.

Cell phones cause brain tumors some researchers believe
When the idea that cell phones cause brain tumors was first introduced, many believed it was a somewhat ridiculous suggestion. now that more evidence can be reviewed, evaluations on this subject are still somewhat inadequate to draw absolute conclusions. However, many in the medical field continue to believe that although there is no definite proof yet, evidence suggests they might.

Brain cancer cell phones cause some believe so consider a wireless headset
Will it just be a matter of time before we learn that we need to “connect” differently than we currently do. Malignant brain cancer is certainly not an association cell phone makers want, nor do they ever want to assume responsibility for “cooking brains.”
Scientists say that we need many decades of exposure to really know the consequences of cell phone use. we know that low-level radiation is created by cell phones and that microwaves basically cook food, or the brain in this instance. in addition to leading to tumors and cancers there could be other side effects like memory function.

If you think you don’t count because you possibly don’t use your phone enough, think again. Heavy users are considered talking 30 minutes a day over a 10-year period. Given the fact many people no longer even have a landline from home, cells are their only form of communication. Teens like to text, but adults do lots of business and personal chit chat on their cells.

We buy into this theory as we have an association with a builder who was recently diagnosed with brain cancer. He spent countless business hours over the last ten years on his cell phone starting first with a big old cluncker that was the size and weight of a heavy brick. Sadly, he now has only months to live after aggressive treatment.
Do yourself a favor. if you use your cell often, buy yourself a wireless headset or consider bluetooth technology. Why take a chance?
That’s the latest health and science news about Cell Phones cause Brain Cancer.

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