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Cell Phone Towers are taking over The Planet:

Are we Safe?

Nowadays, cellular phone signals increase and become even clearer wherever you go. The clear wireless connection your mobile phone has allows you not only to talk to people seamlessly but also makes you transmit data and communication in ways you’ve never imagined before. However, this is entirely impossible without the cellular phone towers that are built almost anywhere and that are the only means of getting the data sent to anyone using a cellular unit. But what do we exactly pay for not having a research done on the effects of the almost ubiquitous cell towers we have all throughout our land? How does a cell tower exactly work? And what does its impact show to all the areas where they are placed? These questions are somehow already simple enough to be answered by anyone who is concerned by the issue of cell tower infrastructures. However, the lack of research done on the said topic makes it necessary for us to write something more about it. 

Tower Power Health Concern 

The main issue being linked to cell towers nowadays revolves mainly around the hyperelectrosensitivity of people to the electronic waves/ electromagnetic fields(EMF) transmitted by the cell towers. In the main aspect of electromagnetic fields, an elaborate report by the World Health Organization (WHO) noted that anxiety and speculation have already spread among different groups of people as they are being gradually exposed to an increasing level and degrees of EMF through the development of technology advancement. In fact, when WHO established the International EMF Project in 1996, the status of most of the towers nowadays were thoroughly reassessed as many people are suffering from many kinds of health abnormalities (such as nausea, tinnitus, dizziness, migraines) that most doctors consider as the effects of long-time mobile phone use. As a response to protect public health and address this public concern, WHO called for a collaborative academic research on this subject if we do not all want to end up being deaf because of something we may have avoided. 

The Issue of Land 

According to legislation on lease with regards to cell tower, the landowner of where the tower is built should retain the ability to sell the property in the future without affecting the lease. Property ownership in this context sometimes gives the residents a bit of a problem but the really timely concern most people have right now is the fact that cell towers are still constructed in places that should otherwise be allotted for other social enhancements and neighborhood systems. Many schools, churches and even residential homes located in most unpopulated areas have been sold to cell tower companies and many areas now don’t even have the simple luxury of a good playground and other basic components a neighborhood should really consist of. To avoid such a case, landowners and legislators should always acknowledge not only their right of ownership but also their corporate responsibility in selling lands for cell tower infrastructures with all these social factors considered.

These are only two of the many complaints and problems mounting against cell towers around. There are still a lot of health and ownership issues about tower infrastructures that affect every single citizen and every kind of lifestyle. Unless we help to find ways to augment them without entirely condemning the contribution of cellular technology, we are definitely in a great pile of trouble.



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