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Cell Phone Studies That Never Existe?        Thousands of Studies?

The cellular telephone industry unwittingly created the first impossible task for its new research chief. In the wake of the first wave of scare stories in the news media and panic selling of cell phone stocks on Wall Street, the industry had offered instant reassurance.

On January 26, 1993, a senior Motorola executive told reporters that "thousands of studies" had already shown cellular phones were safe. It was a classic overstatement that all in the industry would regret enormously.

 News accounts everywhere began referring to the existence of thousands of studies as if it were, in fact, a fact. Carlo found himself swept into the rushing stream of assuring rhetoric, as he too was quoted on several occasions talking about these thousands of studies. Naturally, news reporters began asking the industry to make those 1,000 studies public. Carlo put his staff to work at the task. A research firm was contracted to conduct a huge Internet database search for the thousands of studies. But thousands of studies were not to be found. Months later, the CTIA staff was still scrambling, to no avail.

On July 13, 1993, the CTIA's director of industry relations, Cilie Collins, wrote an urgent plea to Dr. Om Gandhi, of the University of Utah, one of the pioneer scientists in the field of cellular telephone research. "We need copies of any studies that are pertinent to this issue to be available to the press," Collins wrote. "As you know, one of the main causes of the cancer-scare media coverage was that the industry was unable to produce the 'thousands of studies' that have been conducted on the cellular phone frequency."

There was of course only one reason why the industry was never able to produce evidence of those "thousands of studies" that said mobile phones were safe: The studies did not exist. The entire industry regretted its initial reflexive-response "thousands of studies" posture, as journalists began to view a bit more skeptically every assertion the industry would make during the coming years of political and scientific war-games.


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