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Cell Phone Radiation, the Right to Choose

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Cell Phone Sensitivity

By Jackie Christensen, MSHH, HHP, MH, NC
November 4, 2011

It is hard to find a non-industry funded study in the United States that shows cell phone usage is safe for humans. Legislation has protected the wireless industry and the technology has been deeply ingrained in our culture. Everyone I know has a cell phone and I think you can safely say they are here to stay, but the public has the right to know that using a cell phone is comparable to putting your head in a tiny low level microwave oven.

The scientific debate over cell phone usage has been made public internationally; however in the United States research supporting the detrimental effects of cell phones is rarely published. In 2006 the Hamburg Morgenpost reported an article titled “Are We Telephoning Ourselves to Death?” A Danish journal reported “Mobile Phones Affect the Brain’s Metabolism” and the Agence France Presse released an article titled “Israeli Study Says Regular Mobile Use Increases Tumour Risk.” All of these articles included scientific research showing the harmful effects associated with cell phone usage.

Numerous reports, predominately throughout European research centers have shown the link between cell phone usage and brain damage, early onset Alzheimer’s senility, and DNA damage. One study implemented by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, Lyon, France reported that after 10 years of cell phone usage the chances of getting a brain tumor had increased 40%, specifically on the side of the head where the cell phone is used. http://gifam.org/blog/?p=283

Allen Frey a leader in the field on bioelectromagnetics describes the technology behind cell phones as having a frequency of 1,900 megahertz, which is called a carrier wave. Then you add information to that wave which embeds a second signal, called a carrier wave. The carrier wave transports information such as sound, pictures, or words. Frey has discovered through his research that the lower carrier waves match the frequencies that the brain operates on and it is these waves that cross the blood-brain barrier, ultimately effecting brain functioning and disrupting the brain’s environment.

Frey’s compelling research was never published because Pentagon scientists said they could not duplicate the experiment. After that his funding from the Office of Naval Research was cut and he was told to conceal his blood-brain-barrier work or his contract would be cancelled. Other scientists who have shown results similar to Frey have also been silenced by government officials and ridiculed by their peers in the wireless industry.

The cell phone industry has flexed their power by releasing only research that shows there is no correlation between cell phone usage and assault on the human body. In a review of more than 350 studies, Henry Lain a biophysicist at the University of Washington found that only 25% of the industry funded studies showed the effects of using cell phones, compared to 75% of the independently funded studies.

The cell phone industry makes billions of dollars annually, so it is not a radical notion that they would want to debunk any information that would hinder their profits. However, it is unethical to hide research from the public. The people need to know so they can make an informed decision.

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