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Called A Slow Death Cell Phone

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October 13, 2011

A slow death
Called cell phone
I looked at the
the net this morning. A few video clips arrested my attention. Three cell phones were placed about half a dozen around the seeds of popcorn. During cell activation, in a few seconds all nuclei became six white popcorn, flew into the air and fell on the table. Fantastic, I felt.
Another event was a bottle of water was boiling at 100 degrees Celsius, perhaps in a few seconds. Who made this thing? Six mobile phones, all turned on. But when I saw the following demo – three eggs become three beautiful chicks in no time and dance to the glory – I became a little suspicious. Are they magicians or scam artists? “Something wrong”, my mind warned me.
made some more browsing and a few articles warning issued by university professors believe that all these things and there is no truth whether in one of them. “That is why this article is a helping hand to Internet reckless” was the final score.
On the other hand, we all know that the cell phone is a boon and a blessing to be a child all right, but I never knew he was one bomb live is right in your pocket until I read an article about her in the morning. log
The article says: “The mobile phone radiation is dangerous and could damage your brain, kidneys and other internal parts of your body. “Scientists also have certified to that effect.
Here is another scientific discovery that spells potential threat to the world. Radiation from cell phones probably affects all living things around us as well, such as bees and birds. Two scientists – Mr Ved Praksh Kumar Sharma and Ms. Neelima – Ministry of Environment and Vocational Studies and Zoology at the University of Punjab, India, a colony of bees exposed to cell phone working at 900 MHz for 15 minutes twice a day and noted that the queen bee produces significantly fewer eggs (145) per day that the counter undisturbed (375). The number of bees (worker bees with pollen loads) returning down to the hive. Therefore, pollen stores (the comb containing cells filled with stored pollen) decreased in size from 246 to 155 per square centimeter and there was a dip in the number of cells containing the mature and nectar immature as well.

At the end of the experiment, there was neither honey nor pollen or brood and bees in the colony resulting in complete loss of the colony.

Then, in the summer season, every home in the tropical Indian would hum with the constant chirp of sparrows. There was a sharp decline in the population of house sparrows in recent times. Probably you have not noticed until now. N Do not forget to look at this issue next summer. Scientists attribute this to the radiation characteristics of dcline million cell phones in the atmosphere. The sparrow population has declined due to lower cell phones

Will keep a cell phone near your body affect your reproductive potential as well? Perhaps he could. Singles, be careful. You do not want to lose your manhood, do you?

When I drive in my city, I see hundreds of homes big dog tower antennas cell phone transmitters. Some homeowners rent their happiness terrace of the cell tower. Remember friend, you and the people living near was a great chance of being affected by radiation.
The world has yet to find which species would get affected and how much by the presence of some 2.5 trillion cell phones in use today worldwide. India alone has nearly 600 million cell phone owners. While the cell phone has certainly been a blessing, it happens to be a cobra ready to strike you live at all kinds of choice

We have become accustomed to live with cell phones and we can not live without it either. In the circumstances, scientists have to go out with a kind of antidote, say wearing an “anti-radiation jacket or something similar “to protect against adverse effects. The sooner they do, the more we will live.

So far, to restrict the use of your cell phone and keep it away from your body. It is good not to carry the phone in your pocket when you’re away from home. Remember that this is a dynamite. It could explode at any time. So keep your fingers crossed, folks. It seems that we are on the road to slow death.

Written by Jayakaran Israel
Belarus, Minsk,
Jackson, Mississippi
France, Paris,
City of Fairfield, Australia
Santa Ana, California
Malta, Valletta
Moldova, Chisinau,
Nigeria, Abuja,
Sweden, Stockholm,
Bidiyah, United Arab Emirates, Bidiyah, UAE



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