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   California Town Trying to Stall Smart Meter Installation Over Health Risk Concerns Part 2

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Concern over electromagnetic fields is shared by some other towns. Earlier in the year, some Sebastopol residents (another town north of San Francisco, CA) called smart meters into question, an argument that stemmed from the debate over whether or not radiation from cell phones and other wireless devices can cause cancer. But where the mayor got the number of 10 times worse than cell phone towers is unknown.

PG&E spokesperson Paul Moreno has stated repeatedly that smart meters do not pose a health risk as the emitted radio signals are well within limits established by the Federal Communications Commission. "The meters emit a signal once every four hours for a fraction of a second, and at very low power," Moreno said. "These levels are far below what you would find in many common household appliances.

Of course there is still the debate on whether or not even these low levels are safe, but for now, PG&E is continuing to push for smart meter installation. Until the questions of if and how radiation from electromagnetic and radio wave fields are damaging to human health, there doesn't seem to be much foundation for stopping smart meters on this basis since they hold the potential to drastically reduce energy consumption. To some extent, the real argument is would residents rather bicker over smart meters in their homes, or a new power plant next door? It seems utilities need to work harder on educating consumers about the purpose of smart meters, the roll they play in energy conservation, and the security of user information so that consumers are not so wary about the new meters.

Pompano Beach, Florida
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Estonia, Tallinn
Plano, Texas
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Cambridge Massachusetts USA


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