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   California Town Trying to Stall Smart Meter Installation Over Health Risk Concern Part 1

Smart Meters Radiation Danger

Smart Meters Radiation Protection

The small town of Fairfax, just north of San Francisco, California, is hoping to stop or at least put a pause on Pacific Gas & Electric's smart meter installation project planned for July. The town council is raising concerns over the possible health risks presented by smart meters, saying that they could be worse than having cell phone towers nearby. But that's not their only complaint about the smart meters.

The town also says the new meters will impact employment rates for those who read meters for a living, and that they hike up energy bills. So, they're urging the California Public Utilities Commission to put a moratorium on Pacific Gas & Electric's planned July deployment of the smart meters.

PG&E, however, states that they offer training opportunities for meter readers in other jobs within the company, and the price hikes are usually due to seasonal changes, not mis-priced electricity.

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