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   Bluetooth headsets or Bluetube head sets while driving? What is safe?

Wireless Bluetooth headsets appear ideal for use while driving because they're a lot less bothersome than wired headsets.

Though you do have a tendency to have them attached to your head for a very long time, their true danger is maybe not the chance of cancer or brain damage. Hands-free Bluetooth headsets can inspire your use of cell telephones while driving as you incorrectly believe it is safe. You must worry more about ending up under a bus, or about your company getting sued when a worker has an accident. Research Announces Don't Talk and Drive there's much research about the risks of cell telephone use while driving.

Back in 2002, the UNC Road Safety Research Center looked at traffic accidents in North Carolina related to cell telephone use.

Investigating police reports, questionnaires and a phone survey, analysts concluded that cell telephone use was concerned in about one out of 623 crashes and computed that 1,475 of the yearly crashes in the state were related to cell telephone use. The commonest reason for accidents was "driver inattention". This research also discovered that only a small proportion of folks used a hands-free headset while driving.

Since that point, the use of cell telephones in vehicles has increased, but so has the awareness of its risks. Instead We Buy Hands-free Headsets Folk are using hands-free devices more because they suspect this is the simple way to talk and drive safely. Now that Bluetooth telephones and headsets are now common, you don't have to handle all those wires.
At the same time, legislatures have inspired this perception by outlawing hand held cell telephone use. A California law that took effect in 2008 has led on to a surge in headset sales. You will have purchased a Bluetooth headset yourself, so you are able to say. Look Ma, No Hands! You are much safer in a lot of ways with a hands-free headset, but not for the explanation why you think.

The most unsafe moments while driving are when you're from reaching for something that you have dropped like a coffee mug, music CD, or cell telephone. If you are not holding your telephone you can not drop it. Why isn't it enough that with Bluetooth headsets, you can now, as the Motorola tag line asserts, "Keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road"? Hands and eyes, hmm. , one thing is missing.

Where's Your Head? In his book, Emotional Design, Donald Norman, a usability and design expert, temporarily considered the use of cell telephones and driving. Having seen preliminary research which showed no difference in accident rates between hand-held cell telephone use and hands-free cell telephone use, he guessed it was because a telephone conversation places us in an emotional space outside of the immediate environment. You are in 2 places at once - the physical space you are in and the psychological and emotional space in which your conversation is happening.

Though you can perform the workings of driving, your "inattention" or, rather, "divided attention" means you are less in a position to plan, to predict the actions of other drivers, and to react to any surprising conditions. As you get drawn into the conversation, you are less in a position to think about what you do, which is operating a two-ton machine. What are the consequences? The Insurance Industry Reviews the Information The Insurance Industry Institute has reviewed the most recent research. Seventy-three % of drivers now report employing a cell telephone while driving. They discovered that chatting on a cell telephone while driving increases your odds of an accident by 1.3 times even if using a hands-free headset.

This is about the same as when driving while drunk ( at the legal intoxication limit ). While this increased risk is far less than when reaching for a falling item, it leads to several more accidents thanks to the period of time spent using cell telephones while driving. And Tells You To. Even if you wear a hands-free Bluetooth headset in the auto, there's one thing, as numerous fender stickers say, you must still do. Hang Up and Drive! You need to hang up drive or pull off the road. For businesses, the California organization of Companies endorses requiring staff to pull off the road before conducting business employing a cell telephone. Exxon and Shell already ban employees' cell telephone use of any kind during work hours while driving. Perhaps you should, too.


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