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Blue tube headset, Airtube Headset, Iphone Cell Phone Protection and More  

The use of cell phones has pervaded so much into our daily lives that many of us are in fact addicted to these small gadgets. While technologically sophisticated gadgets such as the iPhone can display superb technological marvels, all stored in just one tiny piece of plastic, these very marvels themselves can cause many hazards to your health without you even knowing it.

Communication tools like iPhone, with the ability to install and run up to around 25,000 applications, is known to emit radiation which can actually harm your health immensely. The iPhone and other similar gadgets use powerful and advanced communication technology which acts as a base station even when the phone is off!

There are basically two types of radiation that is emitted from a communication tool like a cellular phone. The first one is the actual wave that is used to transmit when you talk and this kind of radiation is of a “gigahertz” frequency and so is not considered to be very harmful. However, the second type of radiation, which is modulated on the usual transmitting radiation, is a carrier wave that contains data and voice. It is this type of radiation that you should be careful of as it is below 200Hz and will resonate with certain tissues of your body, causing disruption. These particular tissues and microtubules are responsible for inter-cellular communication. Increased pressure from the radiation of these tools can disrupt inter-cell communication, causing even serious issues like brain cancer! However, just like in smoking, you will not be able to witness any symptoms immediately. The symptoms start to make their appearance only in years or even decades later. Not surprisingly, children are far more vulnerable to this kind of radiation than adults because their system is not fully developed and their skulls are less thick.

So how do you exactly avoid the harmful damages of such radiation, without giving up on your nifty new gadget? There are many simple ways that revolve around using the phone away from your ears as much as possible; this is solely because using the phone near your ears can increase the exposure of your brain to harmful radiation. Among a variety of techniques, the Blue Tube Headset device is one which seems to be gaining immense momentum and popularity among the mobile phone user community, because it’s both convenient and reliable.

The Blue Tube Headset is just like any other headset you have seen, with a wire running from the phone, connecting a hearing device to your ear. However unlike in other headsets, in Blue Tube Headsets, you will find an air-tube right along your face, replacing the wire bit of that part. The waves will travel through this air-tube preventing any radiation being emitted from the wire onto your body. How much more safety can a gadget give you?

So, with a simple device like Blue Tube Headset, not only will your life will be made so much simpler, but you also need not worry about being affected by any kind of radiation. Technology has never been simpler and safer!


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