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     Are There Varying Degrees Of Electrosensitivity?

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Very much so. Some patients are forced to live in remote areas, possibly with no electricity in the property. Some just take measures within the house to avoid ‘hot spots’ where there is a high field, and there are some who just notice a mild symptom, such as a slight headache, after prolonged exposure to a mobile phone or a computer. It is likely that a proportion of patients with mild fatigue have ES, but they have not made the link to EM exposure.

Is there a known cure?

At present, not a cure as such. Treatment depends on detection, avoidance and protection. However, if exposure is reduced by avoidance and protection measures, the sensitivity appears to lessen.

What treatments are available?

1. Detection. Meters are available to measure EM fields in the patient’s environment. Action can then be taken to avoid being in areas of high EM fields for long periods of time, such as rearranging furniture etc.
2. Avoidance. Patients should be advised to avoid exposure by not using mobile phones or digital cordless phones (the latter are more of a risk. They should not use electrical items which are close to the body such as hairdryers, electric blankets etc., and to maintain a distance from such items as computers, TV’s and so on.
3. Protection. It is now possible to obtain materials which block EM fields. I have known patients make a mosquito net structure over their beds to provide an EM free zone when sleeping, or incorporate the material in clothing.

How can I stop my patient panicking at the diagnosis?
Reassurance that:
1. They are not alone and there are self help groups and organisations.
2. ES is not fatal, except insofar as it impairs judgement.
3. Provided the measures mentioned above under treatment are initiated, there is every chance that over time the sensitivity will lessen.

Who is most at risk of ES?

Patients who are occupationally, or at home, exposed to high levels of electromagnetic fields. So workers in the electronic industries, communication industries and on power distribution systems will be at risk. Those who live in homes near high voltage power lines or in line of microwave transmitters will be more susceptible to developing ES.
As mentioned before, there will be less risk in countries such as Switzerland where a more cautious approach to permitted levels of exposure has been adopted.
Does a predisposition to ES run in families?

Difficult to answer. If several members of one family are affected it is probably more likely that there has been excessive exposure to all of them, say in the home environment, rather than any genetic predisposition.

Downey, California
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Parramatta, Australia
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