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   Are Smart Meters Smart?

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Smart Meters health concerns are highlighting the need for EMF protection. Severe symptoms of electro-sensitivity are reported by many for the first time, once smart meters are installed near their living space. EarthCalm readers, in the following article EMF Safety Network provides a thorough overview of the issues involved.

Jean Gallick, EarthCalm Products Inventor

Smart Meters are one part of the new “Smart Grid” system. They are designed to allow the utility company and the consumer to track and control their energy usage.
The Utility Reform Network, State Senator Dean Florez, the City and County of San Francisco, Santa Cruz and Marin County Board of Supervisors, Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo, the cities of Sebastopol, Berkeley, Cotati, Fairfax, Santa Cruz, Piedmont, Scotts Valley, Capitola, Sausalito, Bolinas, Camp Meeker and The EMF Safety Network are calling for a moratorium on Smart Meters.

mart Meters are radio transmitters, sending radiofrequency microwave radiation (RF) signals from both electric and gas meters. The electric meter has two transmitters. One RF signal is sent directly into your home (or business), and the other to a neighborhood data collector, which could be located on a lamppost, telephone pole, building or a home. Homes will also be used as repeaters for neighborhood RF signals.

Smart Grid proponents are expecting consumers to install a Home Area Network, which includes an RF interior display unit and either retrofit or purchase new RF “smart” appliances to learn how to manage and reduce their electricity usage. Installing these interior devices will allow the Utility company to further control the electric grid, by turning off certain appliances during peak use time, if needed.

PG&E has been unable to give us a consistent, believable, straight answer about how often the meters transmit RF, or what the instantaneous peak power of the RF signal is at certain distances. They do not know what the RF exposure levels will be for a home with multiple meters installed. They claim the meters transmit RF six times a day, or they say once an hour. Other RF experts have measured RF transmissions every 45 seconds. Why is PG&E hiding the numbers? Do they know what they are doing?

here are no RF warning signs and at this time you cannot opt out. Vulnerable groups include the EMF Sensitive, people with medical implants, children, pregnant women, seniors and the immune compromised.

ealth impacts include sleep disturbance, headaches, nausea, anxiety, heart palpitations, tinnitus and ear pain, concentration and memory problems, dizziness, speech (loss of words), immune, nervous and hormonal system impacts, behavior problems in children, DNA strand breaks, and long term risk of cancers.
If you have a pacemaker PG&E is now warning you to adhere to the SIX INCH RULE. For your safety stay 6 inches away from a Smart Meter.

Smart Meters don’t run backwards, and are therefore incompatible with solar panel installations. PG&E has reported over 43,000 Smart Meter problems of one kind or another Over three thousand complaints have been received by the CPUC for safety, RF impacts, EMF’s, opting out, moratorium, requests to remove, and for other numerous reasons. (that doesn’t include billing complaints)

Media reviews and consumers report numerous complaints prior to or following installation of Smart Meters for a variety of reasons.

(1) cost, billing overcharges, and reliability The Utility Reform Network
(2) health impacts EMF Safety Network Application for Modification with CPUC
(3) interference, billing, other complaints Smart Meter Public Comments
(4) privacy Joint Comments of the Center for Democracy & Technology and the Electronic Frontier Foundation
(5) security “Smart” meters have security holes
(6) fire hazards Smart Meter Fire Risk

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