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Are People Dangerously Ignorant Of Wireless Electronic Radiation Part 4


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People swear that a certain brand of bottled water keeps them healthy (?) They carry a bottle of water in one hand and a cancer and tumor causing cell phone in the other.

Still not convinced? One study found a direct correlation between RF exposure and health/eye problems. Below is a portion of the study's abstract which is too lengthy to reproduce here. (A link to it is provided at the end of this essay.)

"Mejewska (46) studied 200 workers who were exposed to 0.6-10.7 GHz and 200 control individuals: a statistically significant increase in lens opacities in the exposed individuals was found. The severity of the disease increased with the duration of exposure. In another study, which involved 600 workers and an age-matched control group of 300 individuals (47), it was found that exposure to 0.3-300 GHz correlated with an increased incidence of a specific kind of lens opacity. Appleton surveyed military personnel who had been exposed to microwave EMFs and found a trend in older age groups toward a greater incidence of opacities among exposed personnel (48). Odland (49) also studied the relation between exposure to military radars and ocular anomalies.

There were 377 exposed individuals and 320 controls: among the exposed workers who had a family history of eye diseases, it was found that the incidence of eye defects was almost twice as great as that among the controls who had such a family history. Among 68 electronics workers and 30 control individuals, it was found that the incidence of lens opacities and retinal lesions were both greater in the exposed group (50, 51). Zydecki studied 1000 exposed workers (mostly between 100-1000 W/cm2) and 1000 controls and found that the number of lenticular opacities was significantly greater in the exposed individuals (52).

Through painstaking analysis of many clinical cases, Zaret has been able to describe a particular lens opacification for which EMFs are the primary etiological factor (the microwave cataract) (53 -57). In contrast to other types of cataracts (heredity, metabolic, and senile) which originate in the lens, the microwave cataract originates in the elastic membrane that surrounds the lens (the capsule). Microwave cataracts occur following exposure to either thermal or non-thermal EMFs, and have a latency period of months to years."

Are People Dangerously Ignorant Of Wireless Electronic Radiation Part 3

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