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 Actions to Mitigate the Potential Health Hazards of Radiation from Cell Phones


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• Use your cell phone only when necessary, and don’t chat long. If you’re not expecting a call, turn the phone off. Otherwise, your phone checks contact with the nearest tower regularly, and that contact draws full power.

• Though Bluetooth headpieces have 100 times less radiation than the phone itself, it is advisable to remove it from your head when not talking.

• If possible, strategize to use your phone in areas with the best signal. Powerwatch.org claims this may reduce emissions by up to 500 times. Also, when indoors use your phone near a window, with it between your body and the window.

• Talking in a car or train should be avoided. Not only is it a distraction that could lead to accident, but the vehicle’s metal frame may trap the radiation, magnifying it.

• Every millimeter away from the body counts. Devia Davis said, “You’re just roasting your bone marrow” if you carry your phone in your pocket. Evidence suggests a man may adversely influence his fertility and libido by carrying a phone in his pocket. Clip the phone to a backpack, set it on the dashboard, or any other place than next to your body. Your winter coat pocket, or even back pocket of your pants, is preferable to your front pants pocket. Keep the antenna to the outer side. Eyes, breasts, testicles, kidneys and liver may be particularly vulnerable.

• Texting keeps the phone from your head. If your phone has one, use the speakerphone option for the same reason.

• Use a hollow-tube hands-free earpiece. The sound can travel the last length of the cord without having a wire run all the way to the ear.

• Discourage children from non-essential time on the phone, such as chattering for comfort (use a wired phone), or shopping for ring tones and wallpaper.

• Reduce your cumulative exposure to sources of EMFs. Don’t sit for hours next to the router in your home office, for instance, and move the cordless phone base station and clock radio away from the head of your bed. Avoid being in a WiFi setting if it isn’t necessary.

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