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One study revealed that cell phone users were two and a half times more likely to have a temporal brain tumor on the side of the head where they held their phone. In the case of tumors of the auditory nerve, which connects the ear to the brain, the risk increased to more than three times for mobile phone users. It was found that users who spend more than an hour a day talking on a mobile phone have close to one-third higher risk of developing a rare form of brain tumor.
Depending on how close the cell phone antenna is to the head, as much as 60 percent of the microwave radiation is absorbed by and actually penetrates the area around the head, some waves reaching an inch to an inch-and-a-half into the brain. This is the first generation that has put relatively high-powered transmitters against their head, day after day, year after year.

Research by Henry Lai, Ph.D. showed that brain cells are clearly damaged by microwave levels far below the U.S. Government's "safety" guidelines. Dr. Lai notes that even tiny doses of radio frequency can accumulate over time and lead to harmful effects. It is also known that an extremely low frequency electromagnetic field (ELFEMF) can alter gene expression and act like a tumor promoter.
Frequent mobile users also have significantly depressed melatonin- a vital cancer preventing hormone. Cell Phones and the Brain Radiation from mobile phone handsets damages areas of the brain associated with learning, memory, and movement, and may even trigger Alzheimer's disease. A study was carried out on rats whose brains were in the same developmental stage as teenagers, and who were exposed to two hours of radiation equal to that emitted by mobile phones. Researchers found an abundance of dead brain cells in rats that were exposed to radiation. They hypothesized that in people whose neurons are prone to Alzheimer's disease, radiation from mobile phones may trigger the disease earlier in life.

The blood-brain barrier (BBB) is the brain's vital protective barrier. When the BBB is breached, a pathway is created allowing other cancer-causing environmental chemicals to damage sensitive brain tissue and alter brain cells' repair mechanisms.
After two minutes' conversation, a cell phone's digitized impulses disable the BBB that isolates the brain from destructive proteins and poisons in the blood. Damage to nerve cells was observed within the brain, including the cortex, hippocampus and basal ganglia. Researcher Leif Salford, M.D., Ph.D. said "It seems that molecules such as proteins and toxins can pass out of the blood, while the phone is switched on, and enter the brain. We need to bear in mind diseases such as MS and Alzheimer's are linked to proteins being found in the brain."

Dozens of medical research studies have also concluded that the microwave frequencies coming into the heads of cell phone users are enough to cause neurological damage that can produce fatigue, dizziness and loss of concentration. One study indicated that a 20minute cell phone call could disrupt and degrade cognitive functioning in a human brain for up to three hours after the call.

There are emerging signs that these changes are already having profound public health consequences. The risk of a car accident was four times greater when the driver was using a cell phone or soon after a call and that heavy mobile users were involved in twice as many fatal road accidents. The risk of driving while talking on a hand-held phone is similar to the hazard associated with driving with a blood alcohol level at the legal limit. 4 Cell Phones and Your Sex Life Using a mobile phone can also drastically reduce men's sex drive. Scientists discovered that EMF exposed rats had far less testosterone in their blood stream than those unexposed.
And for all those men who care about their sperm counts, research shows that men who regularly carry their mobiles near the groin, on a belt or in a pocket could potentially have their sperm count reduced by as much as 30 percent.

Cell phone users are at risk of premature aging skin. Cell phone radiation heats up body cells, damaging skin cells and accelerating the development of wrinkles.
In general, it appears that EMF pollution leads to more rapid aging in general, including elevated blood glucose levels, elevated lipid levels, high blood pressure, increased neuro-regulatory disturbances, decreased testosterone levels in men, and impacts on the central nervous, cardiovascular, and immune systems. Children- Senile Before Their Time The fastest growing group of mobile phone users is children and teenagers. Nearly one-half of U.S. teens use cell phones, and the numbers will only increase in the years ahead.

However, cell phones and new wireless technology could cause a "whole generation" of today's teenagers to go senile in the prime of their lives. A Swedish study warns specifically against the intense use of mobile phones by youngsters: "The voluntary exposure of the brain to microwaves from hand-held mobile phones" is "the largest human biological experiment ever." Neurons that would normally not become "senile" until people have reached their 60s may now do so when they are in their 30s.
A child's brain is extremely vulnerable to cell phone radiation, absorbing microwaves at 3.3 times the rate of adults. A two-minute call not only alters the electrical activity of the brain for up to an hour but also penetrates deep into the brain. Doctors fear that disturbed brain activity in children could lead to psychiatric and behavioral problems or impair learning ability.
Since children's cells are rapidly dividing, they are also more susceptible to genetic damage leading to disruption of cellular function, cell death, tumors and compromised immune and nervous systems.

Children categorically should not, be encouraged or allowed to use cell phones. An Ounce of Protection Contrary to the wireless industry's official stance defending the safety of wireless technology, the world's largest mobile telephone manufacturers have quietly patented devices to reduce the risk of brain tumors. The "Big Three"-Nokia, Ericsson and Motorola-have invented new components to shield users from radiation emissions from the handset. Their patents state, "Continuous exposure to radio frequency irradiation could lead to development of a malignant tumor."

The evidence is overwhelming that cell phones pose a very real health risk. Fortunately, there are proven technologies that offer protection from harmful EMFs.
One of the most effective solutions is called a Cell Phone Chip, developed by German scientists. Their inexpensive EMF protection chips are activated and programmed to neutralize or harmonize the range of frequencies that emanate from cell phones, cordless phones and other EMF emitting devices, converting them into harmless frequency waves. Once the chip is applied to the phone, or other device, the harmful EMF effects are effectively neutralized, making them safe to use.
Wireless technology is here to stay, whether we like it or not. Approaching this technology with caution and protection will make it a force that can truly enhance the quality and enjoyment of our lives.

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